Week Five: A Wee Lass in Scotland

When in Scotland:

  • Do as the Scottish do
  • How do the Scottish do, you ask?
  • Do not laugh at the kilts
  • Appreciate the kilt
  • Wear the kilt
  • Be one with the kilt
  • Guys seriously, it’s not just in the movies
  • They actually do wear kilts
  • All the time
  • Plaid ones
  • I cannot emphasize this enough
  • Also bagpipes
  • The police office just had two wax figures wearing kilts
  • I walked by a shop and the guy said “Well heyllo der lassie!”
  • He was wearing a kilt too
  • Did I mention the plaid?
  • Cause it was everywhere
  • Scotland is bagpipes, kilts, and plaid
  • And mountains and really pretty castles
  • Actually Scotland is gorgeous
  • Like really breathtakingly gorgeous
  • I was only there for 36 hours
  • I already want to go back

Guys in case you can’t tell, I went to Scotland this weekend and I climbed to the top of Arthur’s Seat and balanced precariously off a cliff and scuffed my boots and survived my first hostel by showering successfully and it was really wonderful and I want to go back.

It was a really short trip. I left Friday afternoon on a bus arriving at 1 in the morning. We took the train back Sunday getting back to London around 9. Short and sweet but it was just the escape I needed from an incredibly stressful week. Remember how I wanted to enjoy my last few hours of freedom before the internship started next week? That didn’t happen. But not because of choice. Classes piled on more than I expected. Me being me, I knocked out three essays 2000+ words each in about four days so that by Thursday night, I could be relaxed and ready for my Scotland vacation. I treated myself to some wine, chocolate, and Love Actually with a few girls from my floor and let’s be real, who needs Valentine’s Day when you have Hugh Grant dancing and Colin Firth learning Portugese for you. Amiright or amiright?

I actually don’t remember much from the last week. Honestly, I spent most days writing essays for hours at a time with gym breaks and meal breaks. No sleep. Sleep is for the weak. Hence why I’m writing this at 2:30 in the morning before my last final. Also because I needed to post this yesterday and I’m very behind and I offer my deepest apologies for keeping you waiting on my riveting adventures. But I uploaded pictures to flickr and Facebook and that’s always exciting and that makes up for the delay right? Right good.

This is gonna be a short post because I’m actually delusionally tired and I really should get some sleep before my final final. Tomorrow evening, I leave for Madrid and Barcelona! I haven’t even packed yet. So unlike me. This spring break is coming at a perfect time. The past few weeks have me burned out which really shouldn’t be happening when you’re studying abroad… But that’s BU for you. I’m just dying to be in Spain and eat paella and drink sangria and speak Spanish and be Spanish. Living in Miami for most of your life definitely makes any place that’s not predominantly Hispanic incomplete somehow. Anyway, I’ll definitely have a ton to write about when I get back though that post will probably be delayed as well. I return Sunday night just in time for the Oscars which despite my fatigue I will stay up all night watching and live-tweeting because let’s be real I look forward to the Oscars more than my birthday. Wellll…. bad example cause I’m turning 21 this year but y’all know what I mean okay films give me feelings and I need to blog about them at 3 in the morning.

Then I start working the very next day! I’m so glad my boss said I could come in at 10 instead of 9 that Monday. I think everyone’s gonna be tired but excited from staying up all night watching the awards so it should be a perfect first day. I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway. I’m starting to see double so that’s my cue to sleep. My next blog post may or may not be in Spanish and may or may not be written under the influence of Sangria. Regrets not found. But for now, I still have bagpipes playing in my head so I’ll just end with this.

Eef yeh had da chance ter go ter sleep, wudja?
I wudja… zZzzzZz


2 responses to “Week Five: A Wee Lass in Scotland

  1. Yuzright! What a great movie. Thanks for the feature on Scotland. I am 1/4 Scottish so I hope to take the family sometime. Keep us in the loop if you head back for another visit!

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