Week Seven and I’m an Intern

Before I go into my first week of work, I just want to take a moment and freak out about the fact that I have been in London for seven weeks already and I honestly don’t know how that happened because I’m pretty sure I was leaving Florida like yesterday… But no somehow, incredibly, the weeks have gone by faster than I thought they could and we have a little less than two months left and so much has happened and if the second half is anything like the first, then I have some really incredible days to look forward to.

Moving on. I have been an intern at Premier Comms for all of four days, and I already don’t know how I’m going to leave. It was the most incredible first week at work, and I’m so happy that I got placed in a position that fits me so perfectly. I thought the hours were going to kill me but I was uncharacteristically punctual every day, walking in at 9:30 on the dot, sometimes before my co-workers even, and staying past 6, much to the chagrin of my supervisor who practically has to kick me out at the end of the day. It’s always a really long day but the things I work on are so interesting, I don’t even feel the hours go by. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve only been there a week. I told myself I was going to dive in head-first into this job because there was no time to waste and I’m glad I had that mindset from the start. I strongly believe attitude is the most important thing as an intern.

I’m not sure where to start so I think I’m gonna do what I do best: a list.

Cool things I get to do cause I’m an intern:

  • A few weeks ago before the internship period, they asked me to stop by the office after class
  • And I basically spent four hours googling pictures of Josh Duhamel’s face
  • And then I used those pictures and wrote a feature on his film career
  • When I came in on Monday, the first thing they told me was that the feature had gotten published online
  • On Tuesday, I basically spent the whole afternoon watching a movie about vampires
  • Cause you know… research
  • Every morning, I help out with daily coverage
  • Which means the first three hours of my day are spent looking through film and entertainment websites and finding articles about the movies we’re working on
  • And then reading those articles during my downtime
  • On Wednesday, much of the day was spent brainstorming gothic/vampire campaign ideas for the Byzantium proposal
  • On Thursday, I helped form part of the proposal by researching and writing out non-talent feature ideas
  • And it was presented on Friday (which I wasn’t there for) so I’ll find out tomorrow how it went
  • Wednesday night I got two tickets to a special early screening of Oz The Great and Powerful 
  • The theater was gigantic and they gave us green-sugared popcorn
  • I invited Lahiru and we stole a bag from one of the empty seats cause yolo
  • Next week I get to go to another screening for Spring Breakers
  • Which I’m not as excited for but still free movies yay
  • I’ll hopefully be able to work the Empire Awards in a few weeks
  • And the Sundance London Film Festival at the end of the semester

Basically, this is like the coolest job and even though I have so much to do every day and I am always so exhausted it’s totally and completely worth it because this is exactly the kind of thing I want to do when I graduate. It’s crazy how much my internships last summer are helping me now. I’m more confident in my abilities and how to act as an intern. The UK does a lot of things differently, but so far it hasn’t been a problem for me. My supervisors and co-workers are really friendly and down to earth and call me DV (cause the guy that works right next to me is also Dany) and joke around all the time and eat four month old popcorn and talk about how drunk they got at the pub the night before. They all go through like five cups of tea a day, it’s insane. Every hour one of them gets up and it’s like a telepathic thing cause they’ll all just raise their cups and that person will gather them all and bring everyone back a fresh cup. Gotta love the Brits.

Things to google later:

  • How to make a good authentic cup of British tea

I just want to fit in okay.

But in all honesty, I’m finally starting to believe the whole “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” thing. It’s always a long day, and it’s always a busy day, but it’s always a good day. Even the commute doesn’t seem so bad. The office is right off Oxford Street, five minute walk from Leicester Square, and close to tons of pubs and bars and restaurants. It takes me about 35 minutes from my door to the office and a big chunk of it is just walking to and from the Tube station. And then in the evenings if I don’t want to deal with rush hour or it’s raining or cold, I’ll take the bus which drops me off right around the corner from my place.

I really wish we could have just been working the entire time. My classes here did absolutely nothing for me (with the possible exception of my British Television Studies class). But for the most part, they were repetitive and boring and I really was not crazy about my professor. I didn’t learn anything new which is incredibly disappointing. I just think that in my field, there comes a point where the classroom becomes obsolete and the best way to get better is getting thrown in and hit the ground running. Which is exactly what my internship did to me and it’s working out so far. I feel like I’ve gotten more out of the program with these four days of work than with the five weeks of class. And that’s a little ridiculous. And on top of that, they give us another class during the internship period on Fridays which is really lame in my book. They gave us Fridays off during the class phase but now that we’re all working 8 hours a day, 4 days a week, and could use a day off to recover, they give us four more hours of class on the last day of the week. That would be my only complaint about the program thus far, and while it really irks me there’s nothing I can do about it so I might as well enjoy my job, begrudgingly get through the class, and enjoy the time I have left.

Like today was a fantastic day. Slept in, played soccer in Hyde Park with some guys from my floor, went to a pub to watch the Arsenal game (we lost) and now I’m about to go bake cupcakes with Abby. I definitely enjoy the weekends more now that I work.

These next few weekends should be really awesome. This Friday, my best friend Andrew got me a ticket to a sold out book signing of JK Rowling. I know I’m typing it out really casually right now but you should know that when he texted me this in class a few weeks ago, I burst out crying and had to excuse myself and run to the bathroom. I actually don’t really believe it’s happening because there’s just no way in hell that I’m going to be in the presence of JK Rowling in five days like that is just not a thing that happens in real life okay.

This week a really close friend from Florida will be here for a program from her university so I’m really excited to see her and show her around. And this Saturday, my best friend from BU who lives in London, will be coming home for her spring break! And we’ll have an entire week together in London and I could not be more excited. She’s studying in Washington DC right now so I haven’t seen her since we both left for our respective abroad programs. The weekend after that, my other best friend from BU who is studying in Geneva, is coming to visit so we’ll all be reunited for the first time in months! And the weekend after that are the Empire Awards! And the weekend after that is Easter break which I will be spending in Prague and Vienna.

So basically, I have no complaints. It’s been a great week and I cannot even imagine what this next month has in store for me. I am off to bake some cupcakes and when I return next week prepare for a big mess of incoherent crying because I will still be recovering from being in Queen JK Rowling’s presence. Cheers!


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