Week Nine: Reunions

Another incredibly delayed post and another incredibly sincere apology. This past week and a half has been ridiculously busy. Between work and friends visiting, I’ve basically just been in my room to sleep, if that.

What I really want to do is skip ahead to next week’s post because while last week was a whirlwind of reunions, so many cool things have happened slash are happening at work this week and I can’t wait to write about them.

Luckily, since I’m such a procrastinator, you only have to wait three days for that so yay

Okay since this is late and I’m exhausted and probably shouldn’t be doing this at work, it is time for… a list!

Things that happened (I don’t know okay, I’m running out of list titles)

  • I had two of my best girl friends from BU come visit me this past week
  • Sofiya lives in London and was home for spring break from her “study abroad” in DC
  • She doesn’t like when I put quotes around study abroad
  • But girl you’re still in America
  • I basically lived at her house during the week
  • I hated having work for nine hours cause it left little time catch up
  • But we still went out almost every night and then stayed up late chatting
  • On Wednesday I went to go see The Audience with Helen Mirren and it was wonderfully British and I loved it
  • And then I spent the night at Sofiya’s place since I was getting sick and didn’t want to make my way home so late
  • And in true Indian motherly fashion, her mom gave me every medicine known to man, made me breakfast, and sent me on my way to work in the morning
  • Her family is literally the best
  • On Thursday after work we went to O’Neill’s, one of my favorite bars in Soho
  • And on Friday we had a touristy day
  • We went to her old high school which is right by Abbey Road
  • I know, freaking causal right
  • And crossed the walkway like four times in the pouring rain cause why not
  • And then we went to Baker Street cause Sherlock
  • Bought a few souvenirs but I can’t say what they are cause they’re for my family and I know my mom is reading this right now
  • Hi mom
  • Anyway
  • We had fun with the wax figures in the museum
  • Sofiya especially really enjoyed seducing Sherlock and Watson in front of a mummy
  • Good times all around
  • That night our other best friend Deepika, who’s studying in Geneva, was coming for the weekend
  • So we went to Adventure Bar to wait for her arrival
  • Because nothing makes time go by like six shots and a mojito
  • Ahem… just kidding mom
  • Deeps finally arrived and we all went back to Sofiya’s place and stayed up until 4 in the morning catching up
  • Sofiya had to catch her flight back to DC at 9 boo
  • But Deeps and I may or may not have stayed sleeping in at her house until 1 in the afternoon
  • That night it was pouring rain and really cold (typical thanks London)
  • So my plans to take Deeps to Camden kinda failed
  • I’m a really bad host and I feel really bad
  • But at least I gave her the proper London experience of sitting in a British pub, drinking British beer, eating British fish and chips, while it’s pouring hardcore British rain
  • Sunday was much more fun going out with everyone on my floor to the Saint Patrick’s Day parade
  • Still cold and still rainy but everything was green and there was more beer than water so who’s complaining
  • The parade was awesome, starting off at Piccadilly and making its way to Trafalgar Square
  • Sadly Deepika had to catch her bus to the airport at 3
  • But I’ve decided to go visit her in Geneva in April so at least we shall be reunited again soon
  • That night I had dinner with Andrew and his parents who had been visiting but were leaving the next day
  • We went to an amazing Lebanese restaurant and talked for hours
  • Being with them felt like home
  • London is infinitely better with friends
  • Anywhere is infinitely better with friends

And then really cool things happened this week at work but mwuahaha you’ll have to wait until Sunday slash maybe Monday knowing my reputation…

It was a really great week and I miss everyone so much already. I’ve been pretty down these past few days cause I feel considerably more lonely without Sofiya, Deepika, and even Andrew’s parents around. It was a short reunion but it was a taste of home, and I hadn’t realized how much I missed home until now. I never thought I would get homesick in London but there you go… The semester has really flown by and this is definitely the longest I have ever been away, let alone so far. And while I’m not quite ready to leave, and there’s still so much I want to explore in London and in Europe, and there’s still so much I want to do, a small part of me really can’t wait to be home again. Both homes. Boston and Miami. I’ve really been missing Florida lately with this awful weather. I need sunshine and sand and beaches and palm trees. My body feels weak without it. London weather can really wear you down. And for all the similarities between England and New England, I find myself dreaming about Boston, and it’s strange to think I won’t be back there until September.

But for now, I just have to remember that I only have a few short weeks left and I need to enjoy the rest of my time as much as I can, rain or shine. Because I know that as soon as I’m home for a few days, I’ll be itching to take off again. Can’t stop, won’t stop right? More on my summer plans in my next post. Until next week… erm well until Sunday, cheers guvnah!


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