Sixteen Days in Oz

And I haven’t written once. Let that be a testament to how much this city has completely taken over my life in such a short amount of time. I’m starting to think this whole blogging once a week thing just won’t fly in Sydney. So instead this summer I’m simply gonna write as often as I can or when there’s something really great going on. Which is actually every day. As you’ll see with the list of things that have happened in just two weeks. Definitely won’t let more than two weeks pass though. Or I’ll try not to anyway. We all know how reliable my deadlines are…

BUT WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, yes ladies and gentlemen, I give you a list. The first Sydney list. How exciting. Here we go.

Things that have happened that need to be talked about:

  • Went to Vivid Sydney
  • Saw a Doctor Who light show in the pouring rain
  • Cruised the Sydney Harbour at sunset
  • Yes I say “harbour” now leave me alone
  • I also said lift and queue the other day
  • What is happening
  • Anyway
  • Learned what a “brekkie” is
  • It’s breakfast
  • Learned that half the letters aren’t pronounced in an Aussie accent
  • Like Cairns sounds like Cans
  • Speaking of, just last night I got congratulated by a local for finally saying it right
  • Best moment of my life for real
  • On that note, spent last weekend in Cairns
  • Went scuba diving and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
  • And hiked the Daintree Rainforest
  • And then played with kangaroos for ten minutes
  • Also went to the Sydney Film Festival to watch The Bling Ring
  • Never noticed just how annoying Americans are
  • Sorry world
  • Started working at the coolest internship
  • First day was working a photocall for the ASTRA Awards
  • Got to spend an entire Friday watching TV pilots for next season
  • And got a mini bottle of sparkling wine for my hard work
  • Also met the host The Voice AU who now calls me Boston
  • Didn’t know who he was when I met him and then I saw him on TV womp
  • Sang karaoke stone cold sober because I’ll never pass up the opportunity to belt out Mamma Mia
  • Discovered Tim Tams aka the Digestives of Australia
  • Digestives as in the amazing chocolate biscuits from London
  • Not like some pill thing to digest food or whatever
  • Also yeah I call them biscuits now too
  • Seriously who am I

As you can see, Sydney clearly is some magical Oz land where time is stretched out endlessly because how is it possible that I’ve been here for barely two weeks and could already practically write a book on everything I’ve done? Out of this list, there’s like five things I could write a whole blog post on alone. Like my work or the Film Festival or Cairns all deserve a nice page all to themselves. But alas, this city has made a blogging procrastinator out of me so I’ll try to squeeze it all in here and hopefully next time I won’t let so much happen in between.

So similar to the London Internship Program, here in Sydney I’m taking one class called Australian Cinema and doing an internship. I got placed in this awesome company called eckfactor, a quick 20ish minutes from our building and I absolutely love the work I’m doing. I’ve been able to help out with so many things and really see more of how the industry works. It’s different from my other internships cause it’s not specific to film but it’s great because I love getting to see more of the industry and how to handle these types of clients, especially on a larger scale. It’s also really exciting because while our program ends on July 24, there is a huge awards show on July 25th called the ASTRA Awards and since I’ll be working on them the whole summer, they asked if I could stay an extra few days to help out on the actual night of the event. Thankfully I was able to move my flights around and arrange it with the program to let me stay in the building one more weekend. So now I’ll be coming back July 28 for one month before heading back to Boston!

Last weekend was a long one because we had Monday off (happy birthday to the Queen!) so a ton of people on the program signed up for a trip to Cairns through an organization called Phi Beta Dingo. It was absolutely incredible. We got there Saturday afternoon and had an entire day free to explore. A bunch of us were gonna go skydiving and we were really amped up for it. I was totally mentally prepared, talking myself into it the entire flight. And then we got there and found out it was too windy and they had to cancel it. Super lame but we’re gonna plan it to do it here in Sydney in a few weeks. I’m definitely not leaving Australia before I jump out of a place 14,000 feet in the air.

Anyway, instead we decided to walk around and then go to the Cairns Wildlife Dome to get our picture taken holding a koala! We got a really good discount cause there were so many of us but it was kind of a rip-off. We were only able to hold him for about 5 seconds while they took the picture and a lot of them came out a bit dark. But it was something we had to do and since cuddling a koala is illegal in New South Wales, we had to take advantage of the Queensland.

The next morning we were up super bright and early and hopped on a boat to go to scuba diving and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef! It was absolutely fantastic. I saw a couple clownfish in their anemone and got up close to take a picture and it actually stung me! The anemone stung me. Literally guys, Finding Nemo don’t lie. But anyway, it was an amazing day in the sun. I can’t tell you how happy I was to just lay around in a bathing suit and soak up the sunshine and salty ocean air. We were exhausted that night but went out to a nice dinner and took over half the restaurant. Then we stopped by our favorite gelato place (Dolci and Gelati like I literally cannot) and I treated myself to a double scoop of chocolate Tim Tam and white chocolate Tim Tam. Still dreaming about it.

Monday was our last day and after checking out and loading everything up on our tour bus, we headed off to the Daintree Rainforest. We spent the morning in a wildlife park where we played with kangaroos and wallabies and fed crocodiles and stroked some more koalas and then had a picnic at the beach in Cape Tribulation. Good times all around. We got back into Cairns around 5pm just in time to catch our flight back to Sydney.

This weekend will be more relaxed and I’m looking forward to just exploring this city for a bit. It’s crazy how quickly time has gone by (yet I feel like I’ve been here forever!) and as I was flipping through my calendar the other day, I realized we really don’t have that many weekends to enjoy. So I want to take full advantage of my free days here and really dive headfirst into the city. I can’t let it be like London where I let so many weeks go by as I “adjusted” and then before I knew it the semester was over and I was just starting to get the hang of things. I learned that you can’t live by the weekends. You gotta take the time you have, even if it’s at night after a long day of work, just get out there and try to do at least one thing every day that you can’t do back home.

There’s so many more things I would love to write about but we would both be here for a very long time. And it defeats the purpose of adventure if the writer and the reader are always writing and reading. Time to get out there and find something new. So guys until next time, cheers!



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