Birthday and Beaches

Best birthday week ever.

So I turned 21 on July 3 (before anyone else in the world awwyeahhh!) And I gotta say, it has been one of my favorite weeks here. Thanks to Sofiya aka the most wonderful best friend in the entire world.

On the 2nd, we went out salsa dancing at Establishment to bring in my birthday with a proper Latin fiesta. No better way to spend a Tuesday night honestly. Needless to say, I had a blast. Perfect ending was everyone obnoxiously singing happy birthday on the bus home at 1:30am.

The next day was a Wednesday so I still had to go to work. But just when I thought I couldn’t love my office more, they go and give me one of the most amazing birthdays and some of my favorite memories from this semester. My parents are in Europe at the moment and were in Instanbul the night before my birthday (their time). In order to stay up until 4am to Skype with our entire office, they went clubbing.

Of course.

It was the best Skype call of my life. They were so happy and drunk and Spanish and my office loved it. It was so great of them to let me Skype with my parents on my birthday in the middle of the work day but that wasn’t all!

They even gave me some chocolates, a bottle of champagne, a Sydney tote bag, and a beautiful card. And then we all went out to lunch that afternoon for some dim sum at the Sydney Fish Market. Most delicious birthday meal ever. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

That night, we went out to dinner in Surry Hills and checked off another place on Julia’s list by going to Messina’s for dessert. It’s the best gelato place in Sydney and I was in heaven. That’s my recommendation for the week for sure. After our gelato dessert, we spontaneously decided to go check out the Star City Casino. Walked around for a bit, got some free macaroons from Zumbaro’s as they were closing, and headed home.

I honestly could not be more thankful for my friends and all the love in my life.

This past weekend the fun continued with some beach adventures. The weather has been absolutely perfect lately, bright and sunny and warm. On Saturday, Sofiya and I went to Wollongong with her boyfriend Aaren because he wanted to show us around his hometown. We spent the day exploring, having lunch at the best hipster cafe called Lee & Me followed by the greatest dessert of my life at Sugarcube. Waffles, chocolate, and strawberry that is all okay.

We ate our desserts overlooking the beaches and the lighthouse then drove around some more before heading back for an amazing pizza dinner. Basically we ate our way through the weekend and I regret nothing.

We spent the night at his place with his lovely family and headed back the next morning. We decided to check out Bondi Beach and the markets in the afternoon. I can’t wait to go back and do the Bondi to Coogee cliff walk. Hopefully this weekend!

We headed back in the evening to catch a showing of Monsters University, and picked up dinner from the Italian Bowl in Newtown on our way home (another thing to check off Julia’s list!) And it did not disappoint. Definitely the best Italian food I’ve had here, hands down.

Monday morning, I woke up early to catch the ferry to Manly with a few friends. I hadn’t been yet and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day before my class at 3:30. We were having such an amazing time, I almost skipped. We walked up and down the gorgeous beach and had the best lunch at the Ivanhoe Hotel (everything is 25% off on Mondays!!) We also did a bit of souvenir shopping, and I bought myself the most adorable koala t-shirt. Again, I regret nothing.

We missed the ferry on the way back which made us about a half hour late to class but in all honesty, it was such a beautiful day I didn’t even care. I treated myself to a white chocolate and mango gelato (above) while we waited and headed back to Sydney already planning to come again this weekend.

That night, we played soccer again by the harbour which was so much fun, and Tuesday night, I finally made it to dollar dogs at The Soda Factory which were absolutely amazing! Glad I had a bit of fun then cause this week at work was exhausting and I have three papers and a project due on Monday for class.

This week has been busy at work, but it’s also flown by. On Wednesday, I was up early to go to a live screening of Geordie Shore (the British version of Jersey Shore) cause they were premiering the episodes they had filmed in Sydney. My job was to live-tweet without saying anything bad. Womp. It was still a good time though, and I got to check out the MTV Australia office and eat some bagels which I’ve desperately been missing.

Yesterday, I was up early again heading to the Sydney Theater for an ASTRA photoshoot. Spent almost the whole day there, helping out and meeting some really lovely people. Even got a few free hair products from the hair guy. Glad I’ll at least know some people (talent and behind the scenes) at the ASTRAs.

On that note, I can’t believe the ASTRAs are in less than two weeks!! Or that I only have four more work days left. Or just two class periods. Where did this semester go? It’s already Friday on our second to last weekend… Well third to last for me, since I’m staying a few extra days but still…

I’m really going to make the most of these last 17 days. Everyone actually leaves in 13 days, but I’ll be busy with the ASTRA Awards on the 25th and packing and etc. And I’m glad I’ll have those few extra days alone to explore all the places I didn’t get to.

It’s gonna be weird coming home. But that’s a post for another day.

What’s on this weekend: I’m jumping out of a plane and possibly getting a tattoo.

Also The Newsroom aka my favorite show in the world comes back Monday night so good times all around.

So yeah well cheers to the second to last weekend in Sydney.


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