Gravity for all the awards

There’s a reason everyone is talking about Gravity and it’s not George Clooney’s devastating good looks.

Well maybe a little. But his brown eyes have nothing on the stunningly spectacular, visually arresting, cinematic thrill ride that is director Alfonso Cuaron’s take on the only real mystery left in our lives: outer space.

I’ve seen this film twice now. I was lucky enough to catch an early screening a few weeks ago where I sat in the very first row all the way to the side, craning my neck for the full 90 minutes, and I still walked out of the theater completely speechless and shaking. This weekend, I dragged my sister to watch it with me again (she thanked me later). This time, I made sure we had perfectly centered seats, in 3-D IMAX, obviously. And even though I knew what happens, it took hours for the goosebumps to go away.

Guys, I’m telling you. You have never, ever seen a movie like this in your life. This is not a film you see for the plot or the character development or the dialogue. This is a film you go to see because it doesn’t just take your breath away, it refuses to give it back. It takes you on the most thrilling ride of your life without leaving your seat.

This film is the reason we go to the movies. This film is everything that cinema ought to be. This film is a masterpiece.
And I do not ever use that word lightly.

The first time I saw it, I fell so completely into it. The unbelievable vision of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and the astounding work of visual effects supervisor Tim Webber pulls you so deeply into the film, you almost forget you’re firmly planted on Earth. Your breathing begins to match the characters’, you hold your breath when she’s losing oxygen, your muscles freeze with every life-threatening situation, your blood rushes in your ears as the thunderous roar of tragedy strikes again, and your heart pounds in the deafening silence in each break from the suspense.

Gravity is a human journey. It is about the possibility of rebirth after adversity. It is the best movie you will see all year.
It is groundbreaking and it is raw and it is a film that strikes your soul and it does not even come close to the hype.
And you bet your moonwalk record I’m going to watch it a third time first chance I get.


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