Jan/Feb 2018 Movie Roundup

Four days until the big night and I only just now realized that I’m behind on these posts so pretend like I did this on purpose to make it easier and combine the final few films on my list into one post and let’s jump right in cause there is A LOT.

The Shape of Water
Wow. This movie. I mean y’all know how much I love GDT (tbt to that time I gave him my business card at the Cannes Film Festival like what even was that) but wowwwww. Aside from the fact that UGH yes so much Latino pride, there is just such a wonderful thing about a movie like this getting so much recognition and love and attention. It’s a weird, gorgeous, strange story, anchored by an incredible performance from Sally Hawkins (not a SINGLE word and she had me floored). Beautifully crafted, emotionally scored, excellently acted. This is one of the tightest Best Picture races we’ve had but the fact that this is at the top of so many lists and has a great chance of winning makes my heart so full. And GDT is basically a lock for Best Director so either way, I’m happy. Go see it.

I’m so happy with the nominations this movie got, as I think each and every one was so well-deserved, especially for cinematographer Rachel Morrison who broke barriers by being the first woman to be nominated in this category. Could it have gotten more? Yeah, I do think Dee Rees could have cracked Best Director but to be fair, this year was stacked in that category (hello Patty Jenkins???) — that said, it was a stunningly impacting movie, elevated by an incredible ensemble and Morrison’s deft camerawork to match the content with equally stunning visuals. My gut unfortunately tells me it will go home empty-handed come Sunday, but still one worth watching if you haven’t already.

The Greatest Showman 
This movie was hot garbage and I loved EVERY GD MINUTE. Yes yes yes it’s not a totally accurate portrayal of PT Barnum’s life and yes yes yes he was v problematic in the way he built his enterprise. But the MUSIC. HUGH. ZAC. ZENDAYAAAAA. Honestly, I had so much fun watching this and listened to the soundtrack nonstop for weeks (don’t get me wrong — “Remember Me” from Coco is still winning Best Song fight me). This was such a fun movie to just get caught up in and lost in the story and the visuals and the music especially. Don’t think too much and just go with it. Trust, you’ll enjoy it.

The Post 
Oh Spielberg. You out-Spielberg’d yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch anything with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep separately so putting them together was always going to guarantee a viewing in my book. It seems the general consensus among the industry has been that people have enjoyed the film, but haven’t necessarily passionately loved it and I think that about sums it up. Running just a tad too long and just a tad too Spielsberg-sy (not that that’s a bad thing!!) I’m surprised it got the nominations it did. It will also almost definitely go home empty-handed. I still really enjoyed it and think it’s worth watching but wouldn’t place it so high on the priority list if there are others to catch up on.

Phantom Thread 
Time for the unpopular opinion. I did not love this movie. I didn’t hate it. Can totally appreciate how beautiful it was and how incredible the score was and PTA is still one of the best filmmakers out there and DDL is, well, DDL. But I just did not get it. The movie is slow so already it’s hard to get into and I felt like I spent the whole time waiting for the hook, for the moment, for the ohhhhh wow okay. And it just never came? I didn’t hate it by any means but the reason why everyone is fawning over it is beyond me. I needed more of a purpose, a reason to latch on to and care about the characters but maybe that’s just me. At least I have a response for the annual “What movie did you hate that everyone else loved?” question (but I did not hate it!!! Just… meh).

Whoooo okay well at least I managed to see all the Best Picture nominees in time for Sunday! I’m looking forward to things calming down a bit at the movies so I can catch up on some other must-sees and also for things to start coming out on-demand so I can catch up on the ones I missed in my own time over the next few weeks.

Here’s how my list is looking now:

Currently out in theaters:

  • Black Panther
  • Annihilation

Leftover from the season but not big priorities tbh:

  • All the Money in the World
  • Roman J. Israel Esq.
  • Wonder
  • Last Flag Flying
  • Marshall
  • Thank You For Your Service
  • Downsizing

And there you have it folks. Voting is closed, the ballots are in, the champagne has been ordered, and nothing left to do but settle in and prepare to be elated or disappointed. What a time.

As per usual, I will not be posting my predictions as there is always a very fierce competition among my friends and I don’t want them getting any ideas. But also as per usual, I will follow up with a post detailing all my emotions, thoughts, and feelings following the big night — for which I will of course be hosting a party at my apartment complete with movie-related puns for the food and making everyone dress up in fancy old Hollywood gear because OBVIOUSLY.

So my friends, that about wraps up this round-up. See you on the other side of the carpet!


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