Week 13 & 14: Boston Marathon Training

This is it. Made it to the final stretch of training. Only four more weeks to go, and three of those weeks are tapering off the mileage and effort before the big day.

It’s really hard to believe. March flew by and all of a sudden, I’m facing less than a month until Marathon Monday. I’ve hit my longest run, gotten another half under my belt, and finessed my hydration and gel strategy.

All that’s left to do is fundraise fundraise fundraise and stay focused on training and recovery until April 18.

Week 13 was a big one. I did my first ever 20-mile long run. And it was INSANE. And yet also not as bad as I expected. Hindsight maybe but I think psyching myself up all week for it mentally really helped.

I was also excited to put my water theory to the test. Turns out I was right and I can’t believe I was so dumb up to this point. Having a hand-strap hydration bottle made the absolute biggest difference in the world. I also decided to run the 20 miles in a loop around my neighborhood as opposed to an out-and-back, which also helped a lot.

I made it the first 8 miles before I needed a refill and since I was sticking close around my neighborhood, I was able to pop in to my best friend’s apartment to quickly refill before heading back out. I got to 14 miles before I needed another refill (makes sense as I was drinking more frequently as the run went on) which got me right to the end.

I couldn’t believe it when I was done. 20 miles. I did that?! I did that!! Insane. The closest I’ll ever get until marathon day and at that point what’s another 6.2 right?!

Probably a lot honestly, that last stretch is going to be hell I’m sure with Heartbreak Hill. Every person that I tell I’m running the Boston Marathon and it’s my first ever race looks at me like I’m crazy and I’m starting to see why. Cannot imagine what it’s going to feel to be at 20 miles and then have to do hills.


Week 14 felt great, hitting 7-8 miles in my easy runs like it’s nothing. Well I mean it’s tiring but nothing crazy. Which is actually freaking crazy because week 1’s long run was 8 miles and I fully could not move for half an hour afterwards. Now it’s like… peanuts.

I’m excited for these last few weeks. This week is the last hard peak training week (going to aim for 18 miles minimum on my long run and if I’m feeling good I’ll try for 20 again!) and then it’s three glorious weeks of tapering off. So just gotta push through, give it my all, and stay focused. The finish line is almost in sight!

Thank you to everyone who has been following along and sending love and support! I’m getting so close to my fundraising goal (80% of the way there!) so please send some monetary support that way if you are able to. Here is the link!

Until next time, happy running!


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