Week 15-18: Boston Marathon Training

Tomorrow is the day.


After 18 weeks of hard work, it is time to put it all to the test. Tomorrow I will be running 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Copley. It’s time.

The last few weeks of tapering have been more of a challenge than I expected. Week 15 was supposed to be the last week of peak training. My plan was to do at least 18 miles for my long run, and if I was feeling good then try to go for 20 again.

Unfortunately, shortly after starting my run, both my knees started really hurting. My plan was to do the run as a dress rehearsal for the marathon so I woke up at the time I will wake up, ate exactly what I’m going to eat at the exact time, etc. But even though I was taking it super slow and steady, trying to go at exactly the pace I’m aiming to start with, my knees just felt… off. Wobbly and weak. And both of them, not just my bad one.

I made it to 9 miles and stopped at my friend’s apartment to refill my water bottle. I decided to walk the next mile and that felt okay so I started jogging a bit but it wasn’t long before they started hurting again. I finished the loop I was on and made my way home, stopping the run at 14 miles.

I was so disappointed because energy-wise I felt really good. I actually think I could have made it to 20. But I also knew, as shitty as it was, that I made the right choice in stopping. It was too close to the marathon to take any risks and at this stage a few miles less wouldn’t make much of a difference.

The next week, Week 16, would have been the first week of tapering, reducing mileage down a bit before the big day. It would have worked out great because I was on vacation in Mexico that week and the reduced miles meant I could get my runs done on the treadmill at the hotel gym in the mornings. But in light of my knees, I decided to take a full week of rest. I didn’t do any training at all, no running, no weights, nothing except walking (and one night of salsa dancing of course).

I was so worried when I got back — afraid that the week-long break had been a mistake, afraid that my knees were still going to hurt. But as it turns out it was exactly what was needed. Week 17’s runs felt great, the low mileage feeling easy and my knees no longer hurting. I planned to do 9 miles for my very last long run of training and was thrilled when I finished at how good I felt.

Wild to think during Week 1 how much 8 miles killed me!

Week 18 has been the chillest week. Just did a handful of 3-milers to shake out the limbs and stay active. And today I am just going to rest all day and stay off my feet as much as possible.

Because tomorrow it will be time to dig deep and finally cross that finish line.

I feel so nervous. But excited. And ready.

There’s been, surprisingly, a sense of calm over me the past few days. I feel like I’ve done everything I can. And now it’s time to just… trust the process. Trust my training. And have FUN.

Because there’s literally no pressure at all! I’m not doing this for any record-breaking or qualification times. I’m doing it for me. And for the kids of Boston Scores. And after years of watching and cheering from the sidelines, I can’t believe I’m finally going to be on the other side of it.

Crossing the finish line in my favorite city in the entire world.

Let’s go.


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